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With the passivation service offered by Inox Trattamenti srl, the natural self-passivation time of stainless steel is considerably reduced, thanks to the use of passivating chemical material.

With this process, the chromium oxide volatilized during processing is restored on the surface of your products.

The chemical passivation, in addition to reducing the time compared to the natural one, guarantees the homogeneity of the formation of the passive layer on the stainless steel, a process that can be stimulated with the use of different chemical solutions in which the product is immersed.

The gel or paste solutions can be distributed by brush or spray pump.

The treatment, of course, does not prevent future oxidations: the duration of its effects will greatly depend on the environment in which the product will be used.

We also carry out the passivation service at the headquarters of our customers, both in Italy and abroad.

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